404 Should I Make a Statement to ICBC?

Should I Make a Statement to ICBC?

One of the first questions many new clients or people seeking help about their ICBC claim ask us is “should I make a statement to ICBC?”

The short answer is that if a statement is necessary, WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU.

In other words you don’t have to personally give a statement to ICBC.  We can do it on your behalf.

How can we provide a statement to ICBC on your behalf?

The law doesn’t require that your statement be given in person to ICBC.  The law also doesn’t require that it be you who provide ICBC a statement directly. In fact, a statement is not necessary in every situation.

If you hire us to act for you regarding your ICBC claim, we can draft a statement for you and provide it to ICBC.

How does ICBC obtain a statement from you?

Unless you’re in a hospital for a long time after a BC car accident, ICBC will contact you about setting up a meeting.  It’s during this meeting that they’ll take a statement from you.  However, you won’t necessarily know that you’re giving a statement.  An ICBC adjuster starts asking you questions and types out your answers in a computer.

Once the discussion or interview is over, the ICBC adjuster will print out a statement of the information you provided and ask that you sign it.

Do I have to sign the statement ICBC prints while I’m there or sends to me in the mail?

No.  You can take the printed statement home and review it before signing it.

In fact, we invite you to bring it to us for reviewing before signing it. We’ll be happy to review it with you during a free consultation.

What if I don’t agree with the statement that is printed?

This is why you don’t want to sign it immediately.  It happens from time-t0-time that an injured person will disagree with some parts in the printed statement.  It’s important that you review it carefully.  We recommend you have it reviewed with a BC ICBC injury claim lawyer as well.

We can help with revising the statement (if necessary) before it’s signed and sent to ICBC.