404 ICBC Settlement Offer: What If It's Not Enough? What Can I Do?

ICBC Settlement Offer: What If It’s Not Enough? What Can I Do?

At some point of many ICBC injury claims, ICBC makes a settlement offer.

What are you to do if you’re not happy with the ICBC settlement offer because you don’t believe it adequately compensates you for your pain and suffer, wage loss and other losses?

1.  Don’t accept it

You have no obligation to accept an ICBC settlement offer.  You can

2.  Talk to a BC personal injury lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers handle ICBC claims.  We offer a free consultation where you can bring us the ICBC settlement offer.  We can advise you about your options during the free consultation.

In many cases we’ll be able to tell you right away whether the ICBC offer is not enough or is sufficient.

What we do is ask you a great deal of questions about your injuries, employment history, how the car accident happened and how your injuries impacted your life.

Often, based on what you tell us, we can advise you about the ICBC settlement offer made to you.  Sometimes, we’ll want supporting medical documentation in order to give you a more definitive response.

Note that just because we don’t believe an ICBC offer is sufficient doesn’t mean we can tell you during a free consultation how much your ICBC claim is worth.  Assessing a claim is much more involved than advising about an initial ICBC offer.

3.  ICBC doesn’t have the final say about your ICBC claim compensation

British Columbia personal injury claims, including ICBC claims operate on a tort system.  This means that if you aren’t happy with ICBC’s offer to settle, you can start a lawsuit and let the Court decide your compensation.

Moreover, ICBC often negotiates settlement offers.  If you don’t accept their initial offer, you can negotiate with them (or hire us to negotiate on your behalf).  In many cases, ICBC will increase their offer over time.  If you start a lawsuit, negotiations often continue up to the start of a trial (and even during a trial).

Therefore, if you’re not happy with ICBC’s settlement offer, don’t think you have no choice but to take it.  You do have options.  Call us toll free at 1-855-467-0505 to schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers to learn about your options.

There are deadlines involved so don’t ignore your injury claim

In British Columbia there are deadlines involved (called limitation dates).  Most of the time the deadline is 2 years to start an action.  However, there are exceptions.  This too is why scheduling a free consultation is a good idea.  If you miss a deadline, your entire claim may be barred and you can end up with no compensation.